August 2017

Alderman’s Corner

I hope everyone is enjoying summer. Block parties, barbecues and spending time with family and friends. Oh & of course, NO SCHOOL! Chicago offers so much to do and hopefully we take advantage of the beaches, Navy Pier and festivals.

On July 12th, Commissioner Daley and I hosted our seniors at Armour Park for our summer party. This Year’s theme was Country HoeDown.

Everyone enjoyed the pulled pork, burgers, hot dogs along with line dancing. We would like to thank the Park District, the many generous sponsors and all of our young camp counselors for making it a success.

Two weeks later, Commissioner Daley and I hosted the 11th Ward Fishing Derby. Some of you may remember this annual event when we were younger. I am glad we brought it back. About 75 kids participated in this event.

I would like to thank Tom Palmisano, the Henry Palmisano Fishing Foundation, the Scalise family for providing our snacks and coffee, as well as all of our volunteers that made this event such a success. Congratulations to the winners and all who participated. We hope you will continue to fish and enjoy Palmisano Park.

With the school year approaching I wanted to touch base on an issue that our community has been faced with; a neighborhood public high school. Over the course of the last several weeks there have been open meetings with the Chicago Public School (CPS) regarding the National Teachers Academy and South Loop School.

CPS hosted three different meetings where they provided the audience with an informative presentation about a need for a high school in the South Loop and near South area. It was great to hear how passionate the families, principals and teachers are about their schools and the future of our children.

It was important for me to hear from the NTA community, South Loop community and the community members who expressed the need for a high school. The thoughts, ideas and concerns were a great starting discussion and I am pleased that CPS and my colleagues are listening.

The entire presentation and open commenting was informative especially because there are various voices that need to be heard on the different challenges each entity faces.

In the end, all agreed that a new high quality high school is needed. As this exploratory process proceeds, I’ll be advocating ensuring the needs and concerns of parents and residents are addressed, and ensure that whatever agreement is reached is good for our kids, parents, teachers and neighborhoods.

Let’s enjoy the remaining weeks of summer. Some of our kids will be starting school in August and right after Labor Day all students and teachers will be back. We look forward to a great academic year, but first we should savor the summer.

11th Ward Alderman Patrick D. Thompson