2017 Infrastructure Improvements

Each year the 11th Ward is allotted funds to be used for infrastructure maintenance and improvement projects. In the 11th Ward, Alderman Patrick Thompson strives to make the most out of these funds and improve every area of the Ward. While the allotted funds are limited, many improvements are able to be made as part of this program. Below are the projects for 2017.


Click to view map of improvements made in 2017

Alley Apron                 3559 S Wallace

Alley Resurfacing        Throop Street, Farrell Street, Lyman to 31st

Alley Resurfacing        4300 S Emerald

Alley Resurfacing        Canal – Stewart, 3200 to 3300

Alley Resurfacing        Wallace/ Parnell from 33rd to 35th

Alley Resurfacing        Halsted Emerald 33rd-34th

Alley Resurfacing        3200-3300 Halsted Emerald

Alley Resurfacing        30th-31st, Wells Wentworth


Green Left Turn Arrow           26th and Halsted

Kiosk Sign Repair                    34th Pl and Halsted


LED Lights       Canal, 31st to 33rd

LED Lights       Wallace, from Root to 43rd


POD Camera               16th and Ruble

POD Camera               3200 S Carpenter

POD Camera               35th and Halsted

POD Camera               27th and Shields


Viaduct Lighting          31st and Stewart

Viaduct Lighting          33rd and Stewart

Viaduct Lighting          35th ST viaduct

Viaduct Lighting          37th and Stewart


Sidewalk         2840 S Hillock

Sidewalk         3008 S Keeley

Sidewalk         4500 S Wallace

Sidewalk        3558 S Parnell

Sidewalk         3512 S Parnell

Sidewalk         3240 S Parnell

Sidewalk         3727 S Union

Sidewalk         37th ST, Lituanica to Sangamon

Sidewalk         36th ST, Lituanica to Sangamon

Sidewalk         3801 S Parnell

Sidewalk         3826-30 S Normal

Sidewalk         3723 S Parnell

Sidewalk        3531 S Normal

Sidewalk         439 W 37th Street

Sidewalk         316 W 25th PL

Sidewalk         2900 S Wells ST

Sidewalk         3011 S Wallace ST

Curb and Gutter          3419 S Carpenter


Street Resurfacing      Canal, 39th to Viaduct

Street Resurfacing      South Wells Street, 33RD to 34TH

Street Resurfacing      South Ford Avenue. (629 W Cermak)


Street Speed Hump Install     29th St from Poplar to Halsted

Street Speed Hump Install     15th ST from Racine to Aberdeen

Street Speed Hump Install     49th Street, Union to Halsted