January 2017

The Alderman’s Corner

The Holidays are great to enjoy time with our family and friends. As we end the year, it is nice to reflect on what we accomplished, remember those we lost this year and focus on the future. I am excited for what lies ahead in 2017. The 11th Ward will offer some new events and continue to improve on some of the challenges we face. As I have said repeatedly in the past, public safety will always remain my top priority.

It is an honor to serve a Ward with such involved community members and police officers that truly care. 9th District Commander Chung, 12th District Commander Kulbida, and myself communicate on a regular basis to discuss the issues we face in the 11th Ward. Their staff and my staff work closely together to ensure transparency and open dialogue to try and make our communities safer. CAPS and Neighborhood Watch continue to play a critical part of public safety. I also want to thank all of our neighbors who have supported the police, especially during the last few years.

In 2016, I used my Aldermanic Menu Money to install eleven (11) High Definition POD cameras accessible by the Chicago Police. I worked closely with former Commander Godsel and Commander Kulbida to ensure the best strategic placement of the HD POD Cameras to help deter crime in the Ward. These HD POD cameras have been a major asset to the police in several incidents. I look forward to working with Commander Chung and Commander Kulbida to assist the police in making 2017 a safer year.

I would like to commend the CPD for their great police work especially around the Holidays. There were several incidents that occurred where the police were able to catch the offenders in action. I will continue to work with my colleagues on the City Council to put pressure on the State Legislatures to enforce stricter gun laws. These laws are needed to put repeat gun offenders away for longer periods of time.

Our 2017 City Budget includes hiring almost 1,000 new police officers. The new officers will be in addition to filling vacancies and retirees. There will be 500 new officers in 2017 and 450 in 2018. Last year I negotiated a provision in Chapter 9-115 of the Municipal Code that requires any additional money generated by Transportation Network Providers above the budgeted amount be allocated to public safety.

The additional officers and resources are going to help protect the City and the communities of our Ward. I will be very focused to ensure all Police Districts receive fair and equitable distribution of manpower and resources.

As we begin 2017, I would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy & prosperous New Year. I encourage everyone to stay active in our communities. Whether it is attending our next CAPS meeting, or calling City service requests into my office, I appreciate hearing from you. On to 2017. Call my office at 773-254-6677 with any concerns