March 2018

Alderman’s Corner

Our community and City lost a hero in Commander Paul Bauer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Erin and Grace. I want to thank our neighbors for your love and support to the Bauer and Molloy families.

After plunging into Lake Michigan this weekend for Special Olympics, I am looking forward to March into Spring. Opening Day is 29 days away, hopefully we can avoid any more snow.

Thank you to all of our neighbors who were able to attend the quarterly Aldermanic Town Hall Meeting last week. It was especially informative because of the “Landlord/Tenant” seminar and briefing from the U.S. Postal Service federal agent. As a property owner we have rights and a commitment to keeping our property’s clean.

At the meeting, I announced some new improvements that will be taking place throughout the Ward. I am very excited to announce the investment and improvements to McClellan School. We will be constructing an outdoor track, open space for students, as well as installing a new elevator to make the school wheelchair accessible. Our next viaduct mural will begin this Spring on the Wallace viaduct in between 39th and 40th street celebrating our veterans. We will be announcing details for the community paint day and school involvement when the temperature warms up. I encourage you all to participate.

Last Thursday, 3/1, I worked with the CTA and local community groups to announce the #31SNAP. This is a marketing campaign in hopes to increase ridership for the 31st Street Bus Route. As of today, we have 14 businesses located along 31st Street participating and offering incentives if you ride the 31st Street Bus. An individual has to take a selfie riding the 31st Street Bus and show the participating business your selfie in order to receive the incentive. Please encourage everyone to ride the bus so we can make this a permanent route!

We will be hosting Sox sticker pick up starting March 14th through Opening Day, April 5th, 2018. Pick up is open to all constituents on the schedule below. On the day of pick up, we ask that you bring in a valid id/driver’s license that reflects your home address. A member of my staff will issue you the appropriate number of decals (stickers) and passes.

If you live in the White Sox zone but your ID/driver’s license does not reflect your address, we ask that you bring in a lease or utility bill that reflects your address. Residents who live in close proximity of the boundaries will be issued a decal (sticker) upon request. These are issued as a courtesy to the 11th Ward residents so you can park while shopping, banking and running errands within the restricted parking boundaries. Again, these will only be issued with valid identification.

School/Business/Church placards will be available throughout the entire season. Please bring in a copy of your business license, school/church letterhead with the amount of placards you are requesting.

Please refer to the schedule below for pick up dates and times:

8:30 AM ­ 5:00 PM: 3/14, 3/15, 3/16, and 3/23

8:30 AM ­ 6:30 PM: 3/20, 3/21/ 3/22, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29, 4/3 and 4/4

8:30 AM ­ 7:30 PM: 3/19, 3/26 and 4/2

9:00 AM ­ 12:00 PM: 3/24

CLOSED ­ 3/17, 3/18, 3/25, 3/30, 3/31 and 4/1

Evening and weekend dates are available to accommodate everyone’s schedule. My goal is to continue to work with Clerk Valencia, the Department of Revenue and the 9th District to enforce proper use of the placards and decals issued from my office. If you have any questions regarding the schedule, please reach out to my office at 773­254­6677. We will work hard to ensure everyone is prepared for the Chicago White Sox home opener, April 5th.

11th Ward Alderman Patrick D. Thompson