May 2018

Alderman’s Corner

Spring is here! We hope? I am sure everyone is looking forward to the May flowers and warm weather. Warm weather means construction and greenery.

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Clean and Green events throughout the entire Ward. We had groups cleaning throughout the Ward, from the 40th and Wallace viaduct, Tilden High School, McGuane Park, Palmisano Park, Park 571, 26th and Stewart, 16th and Newberry and the Jefferson Play Lot. It was great to see all of our neighbors out helping.

I encourage everyone to keep your property clean and work with your neighbors to keep your blocks clean. This will not only improve the property value of your home but will also improve the quality of life for all who live on your block. Being in compliance with the Chicago Municipal code will keep you free from a citation and protect your property as well as your neighbor’s from rodents. Please refer to the Health Nuisance Ordinance chapter 7­28 of the Chicago Municipal Code: 7­28­120 (a) Weeds ­ Penalty for violation ­ Abatement ­ Lien. Any person who owns or controls property within the city must cut or otherwise control all weeds on such property so that the average height of such weeds does not exceed ten inches.

Any person who violates this subsection shall be subject to a fine of not less than $600 nor more than $1,200. Each day that such violation continues shall be considered a separate offense to which a separate fine shall apply.

I would also like to thank the students and parents from Graham School and Saint Gabriel School. In addition to cleaning the area around the viaduct on Saturday, students and parents helped prep and prime the viaduct wall at 40th and Wallace. This mural is dedicated to our Veterans. Community paint days will be announced at the end of May for community members to come out and be a part of the mural just like our 35th Street mural.

As we continue to work on keeping our homes and the public way clean, the City will continue to sweep the streets. To avoid any confusion or citations I encourage you to visit This website allows you to enter your address and sign up for text message alerts of when your street will be swept. Copies of the street sweeping schedule are available at my office or on my website (

As I mentioned, the warm weather means it is construction season. Hopefully you have seen how busy it has been around the 11th Ward with new improvements since I have been Alderman in 2015. Since May of 2015 we have restored thirty­two (32) Streets, installed twenty (20) new water mains, LED lights at seven (7) viaducts, LED lights on five (5) residential streets, thirty­one (31) alleys were resurfaced and fifteen (15) HD POD cameras were installed. Our upcoming projects for 2018 will be announced on our website ( Thank you for your patience as these projects will continue to improve the 11th Ward.

I hope to see many of you at our annual 11th Ward Shredding event this Saturday, May 5th, on 34th and Shields (the Southside of Armour Park) from 9 a.m.­ 1p.m. This is a great opportunity to shred proprietary materials at no cost. I will also be hosting my Second Quarterly Town Hall meeting on May 24th at 6:00 p.m. at James Ward School.

Finally, to all of the women in our lives who selflessly dedicate their time, love and understanding to children, I wish you a very healthy and happy Mother’s Day.

As always, if you are in need of any City Services or have questions/concerns please contact my office at 773-254-­6677.

Alderman Patrick D. Thompson