Alley Apron3201 S WellsMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing31st & Halsted, 32nd & EmeraldMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing31st & Wells, 32nd & PrincetonMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing31st St & Keeley, Lyman & FarrellMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing32nd & Union, 33rd and EmeraldMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing35th St & Union, 34th St & EmeraldMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing38th PL & Normal, Pershing & StewartMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing44th PL & Emerald, 45th St & HalstedMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing45th St & Wallace, 45th PL & NormalMenu2016
Alley Resurfacing47th PL & Halsted, 48th & UnionMenu2016
Alley ResurfacingArcher & Elias CT, Lyman & BonfieldMenu2016
Alley ResurfacingBroad St & Archer, Pitney CT & 31st Menu2016
Curb & Gutter2615 S ShieldsMenu2016
Curb & Gutter2801 S QuinnMenu2016
Curb & Gutter2822-2828 S ThroopMenu2016
Curb & Gutter3630 S WellsMenu2016
Curb & Gutter3759 S UnionMenu2016
Curb & Gutter4228 S WallaceMenu2016
Curb & Gutter4553 S HalstedMenu2016
Curb & Gutter4610 S EmeraldMenu2016
LED Street LightsCanal from 31st to 33rdMenu2016
LED Street LightsEmerald from 26th to 29thMenu2016
LED Street LightsUnion from 26th to 29thMenu2016
Sidewalk2533 S HillockMenu2016
Sidewalk2718 S LoweMenu2016
Sidewalk2942 S WellsMenu2016
Sidewalk3011 S LloydMenu2016
Sidewalk3017 S Haynes CtMenu2016
Sidewalk3020 S EmeraldMenu2016
Sidewalk3029 S ArchMenu2016
Sidewalk3216 S ParnellMenu2016
Sidewalk3226 S MayMenu2016
Sidewalk3250 S ShieldsMenu2016
Sidewalk3559 S WallaceMenu2016
Sidewalk517 W 44th StMenu2016
Sidewalk525&535 W 43rd StMenu2016
Sidewalk528-530 W 46th StMenu2016
Sidewalk534 W 32nd StMenu2016
Street Light Wattage upgrade and PaintingHillock from Fuller to Mary StMenu2016
Street Resurfacing26th St from Emerald to LaSalleArterial CDOT2016
Street Resurfacing43rd St from Ashland to MorganMenu2016
Street Resurfacing45th St from Morgan to Halsted Menu2016
Street Resurfacing46th Pl from Wallace to NormalMenu2016
Street ResurfacingCarpenter from 32nd Pl to dead endMenu2016
Street ResurfacingExchange from Halsted to Racine Menu2016
Street ResurfacingHarrison from Morgan to HalstedArterial CDOT2016
Street ResurfacingRacine from Exchange to 47th St Menu2016
Street ResurfacingRoot St from Emerald to StewartArterial CDOT2016
Street Speed Hump Install16th St from Halsted to UnionMenu2016

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