My office and I are working diligently to finalize the White Sox zone parking plans. This year, I have teamed up with our City Clerk, Anna Valencia, to ensure an efficient and stringent process for those who reside in the White Sox Parking zone.

Clerk Valencia has provided my office with a database of everyone in the White Sox zone who has a vehicle registered with the City of Chicago. Each resident will have an assigned pick-up day. On that day, we ask that you bring in a valid ID/driver’s license that reflects your home address. A member of my staff will then issue you with a pre-assigned envelope with the appropriate number of decals (stickers).

If you live in the White Sox zone but your ID/driver’s license does not reflect your address, we ask that you bring in a lease or utility bill in addition to your identification card. You will then be issued a permanent visitor placard (temporary paper to display in windshield), which must display your name and address. This placard is valid for the entire season as long as the resident is parked within close proximity to your home address.

Decals will be made available to those residents within close proximity of the boundaries. These are issued as a courtesy for your shopping, banking, and medical locations you frequent within the restricted parking boundaries. Again these will only be issued with valid identification and proof of City of Chicago registration as well.

School/ Business/ Church placards will be available throughout the entire season. Please bring in a copy of your business license, school/church letterhead with the amount of placards you are requesting.

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