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Dear Neighbors,

I hope you and your loved ones are staying home and staying safe. I was planning to host a community meeting this month to discuss the renovation of Bosley Park. However, due to the Governor’s “ Stay- At- Home” Order, we have to make a decision virtually in order to keep the project on schedule. I will be allocating approximately $1.3 million of TIF funds for Bosley Park. This includes a new artificial turf soccer field, playground, paving, and spray pool features.

Therefore, instead of an in-person community meeting, attached is our presentation of proposed improvements. On slide three of the presentation, you will find the diagram of Bosley Park’s new layout. The new layout proposes to keep the original location of the playground, which is marked 3; a new artificial turf field will be constructed in the area marked 7; a new spray pool feature will go into the location marked 2; and finally, the basketball court will be resurfaced which is marked 5 and a spot for a potential community garden marked 8. 

As we have done with our other park projects, we encourage participation from our neighbors, especially those that will use the park. We are asking folks to review the proposed options and give us your feedback. Each option includes park equipment for ages 2-5 and 5-12. Option #1 is a traditional post and platform style with Option #2 being a modern climbing experience. Both options come with a set of six swings.  On pages four and five of the presentation, you will find the details and pictures of how this equipment looks.

I ask you that you call or email us at the Ward Office with your preference. You will have until Thursday, May 15th at 4:00 PM to let us know your choice of the options below.

T: 773-254-6677

E: [email protected]

On the below presentation you will find the following:

  • Page 1
    • Cover Page
  • Page 2
    • Overview of improvements and time schedule, accompanied with an areal view of current Bosley Park
  • Page 3
    • Black and white diagram of park improvements, accompanied with pictures of examples of park improvements
  • Page 4
    • Playground equipment Option #1,  details and pictures
  • Page 5 
    • Playground equipment Option #2,  details and pictures
  • Page 6
    • Spray feature elements, details and pictures
  • Page 7
    • Playground equipment Option summary and contact info
  • Page 1 Cover Page

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