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At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, I introduced an ordinance to downzone 4223-4231 South Halsted and 4351-4401 South Halsted. After two community meetings and other conversations I had with residents, we agreed to support the project. The proposed project was a multi phased development, that included the properties listed above as well as 4325 South Halsted, The Green Metal Distribution Inc., property. The inclusion of this property was imperative to move forward with the entire development deal. At a meeting last week, BCG enterprises came to me with some concerns affecting their developments that I immediately addressed. BCG enterprises also informed me that the property at 4325 South Halsted had not been under contract. BCG enterprises made a decision to no longer move forward with the deal, so I made the decision to downzone the properties to RS-1. Any future developments requiring a zoning change will have to be presented to the community. Thank you to everyone for your participation, support and concerns with the above mentioned properties. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office at 773-254-6677.

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