The Mayor and the Department of Public Health are not cancelling city trick or-treating. They are encouraging people to be safe this Halloween. I know many people have concerns about trick or treating with their children and/or passing out candy. The fact that public schools are closed, and the City Council meets via Zoom because of concerns regarding COVID-19 demonstrates the need for us to act in a safe and precautionary manner.

If you chose not to participate this year, we encourage you to please put a sign in your door “No Trick or Treat.” If you are taking your kids to “trick or treat” please be respectful of those homes where the residents are not passing out candy. Signs for accepting and not accepting “trick or treaters” are available at the Ward office. You can also download the signs below:

Respecting individual family choices in choosing to participate or not is critical. We will leave it up to you to make the best and safest choice for your families.  

While we all want to have fun and celebrate, it is important to remember that COVID-19 is a serious concern. To ensure the safety of everyone please use these helpful guidelines:   

  • Masks aren’t just for trick-or-treaters this year! Everyone—including candy givers—should wear a face covering (multi-layered, covering the mouth and nose, without gaps around the face).
  • Leave a light on or hang a sign in your window to let others know your house is (or is not) giving out candy safely.
  • Handing out candy? Please socially distance and have hand sanitizer, too.
  • Trick or treating? Stay on the move! Less congregating means more houses and more candy.
  • Ensure there’s all treats and no tricks. Please don’t reach into candy bowls while trick or treating; Eat candy only at home after washing your hands. 
  • No Haunted Houses. They are truly spooky and dangerous this year. 
  • Keep your candy crew small. Trick-or-treating groups should be 6 people or less.  
  • No house parties large or small this year.

We are also working with the Chicago Police Department and ask that all trick or treating end at 8:00pm on October 31st.

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