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Project: The Department of Water Management will soon be installing 390 feet of 8-inch and 702 feet of 12-inch water main in S. Hillock Avenue, from S. Throop Street to S. Mary Street and S. Stark Street, from S. Hillock Avenue to 380’ south of S. Hillock Avenue.

Reason: The old main consists of a 6-inch pipe and we want to expand capacity. Further the old pipe dates back to 1873 and needs to be replaced.

Timing: We will begin installing the new water main shortly, and expect the water main job to be completed in mid October 2015. Restoration, which will be a joint effort between this Department and CDOT, will follow. Dates may change depending on weather and other factors. If there is any appreciable change, we will notify you.

Traffic: We will allow traffic to flow on S. Hillock Avenue and S. Stark Street outside of our working hours. When we are working in the street, we have to close it to traffic for reasons of safety. You will always be able to reach your home or business, even if it means putting a metal plate in place. Outside of working hours, a lane will be left open for local traffic only.

Parking: We will post our work area for “No Parking” as needed, during work hours (7am- 4pm). We are agreeable to parking outside of those hours, but will have to insist that cars be moved by the start of the next workday. We will try to preserve as much parking as we can.

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