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Changes to Truck Parking Regulations – 9-64-170

Background Information

In an effort to update an outdated section of the Municipal Code which adversely affects small, non-commercial pick-up truck owners and their ability to park on business and residential streets in the City, City Clerk Susana Mendoza, along with Co-Sponsors Aldermen Hopkins, Mell, and Lopez introduced SO2015-8494 to clarify truck parking in the City. The ordinance allows city residents to park their non-commercial pick-up trucks on residential and business streets without a truck sticker and also allows non-residents to park their pick-up trucks only on business streets. SO2015-8494 was passed by the City Council on 4/13/16 and becomes effective on 5/18/16.


New truck parking regulations

SO2015-8494 effectively eliminates the need for a residential truck parking permit and allows non-commercial pick-up trucks weighing less than 8,000 pounds to park in the City of Chicago – provided certain conditions are met:

  1. If the non-commercial pick-up truck is owned by a City Resident and has a valid City Sticker, the owner may park the vehicle on a Residential or Business street.
  2. If the non-commercial pick-up truck is owned by a Non-Chicago resident, (e.g. a visitor from the suburbs) and does not have a valid Chicago City Wheel Tax License, the owner may only park the vehicle on a Business street.

Benefits of the Revised Ordinance

  • Ensures a lightweight pick-up truck, which weighs less than most large SUV’s, can park on Residential and/or Business streets when certain conditions are met.
  • The revised Ordinance will allow out of town visitors to park a small pick-up truck on a Business street, but will ensure they do not affect residential street parking.
  • The revised Ordinance maintains a strict weight restriction of 8,000 pounds or less.
  • The revised Ordinance requires pick-up trucks who park on Residential streets to have a City of Chicago Wheel Tax Emblem (City Sticker) – thereby combating possible revenue loss.
  • The revised Ordinance eliminates an outdated and complex system of review and ensures equal treatment of pick-up truck owners.
  • The revised Ordinance eliminates the red tape residents must deal with under the current truck parking permit program.
  • The revised Ordinance eliminates the burdensome requirement for pick-up truck owners to have their truck parking permit renewed every year.
  • The revised Ordinance ensures that “Commercial” and “Junk” vehicles are PROHIBITED from parking on Residential AND Business streets.
  • Finally, the revised Ordinance MAINTAINS all other existing parking.


For your reference, below is a list of the top selling truck models.

Truck  Gross Vehicle Weight
Ford F-150 6,000 – 7,850 lbs.
Chevrolet Silverado 6,800 – 7,000 lbs.
Ram 1500 6,000 – 7,100 lbs.
GMC Sierra 6,500 – 7,200 lbs.
Toyota Tacoma 5,600 – 7,200 lbs.
Toyota Tundra 5,600 – 7,300 lbs.
Chevrolet Colorado 5,400 – 6,000 lbs.
Nissan Frontier 4,690 – 6,100 lbs.
GMC Canyon 5,400 – 6,100 lbs.
Nissan Titan 6,700 – 8,500 lbs.
Honda Ridgeline 6,000 – 7,200 lbs.

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