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In observance of the 4th of July holiday, please note these important changes to the refuse and recycling schedule this week.   All city-collected refuse will be serviced Monday through Thursday.  Additionally, residents should be advised of potential changes to Blue Cart Recycling collection based on their service provider.


  • The Department of Streets and Sanitation will collect all refuse Monday through Thursday.  Residents should ensure all black refuse carts are accessible throughout the week of collection (Monday-Thursday), not solely on their regular day of collection.  There will be no city-provided refuse collection on Friday, July 3.
  • The Department of Streets and Sanitation (Zones 2 and 4) will collect Blue Cart recycling Monday through Thursday.  
  • Residents should ensure all Blue Recycling Carts are accessible throughout the week of collection (Monday-Thursday).  There will be no city-provided recycling collection on Friday, July 3.
  • Privately provided Blue Cart Recycling Service will be collected Monday through Friday.   Residents with private service should continue to put out Blue Recycling Carts throughout the week, according to their typical schedule.

*Sims (Recycling Zone 5) will collect Monday through Friday.

*Waste Management (Recycling Zones 1,3 and 6) will collect Monday through Friday.

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